Data equality education series

Your overview guide

We are starting a movement to make sure everyone has the opportunity to succeed with data, and a revolution which will bring new insights and new abilities.

This page will be updated with valuable resources to help you to improve your own data literacy, and create a culture in your business where data equality can thrive.

Keep coming back for more videos, guides and free training. Watch the below video for more info on what’s coming:

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Data Doubter

You're fed-up of the amount of stats and facts that you are bombarded with. But burying your head in the sand puts you at a disadvantage at work - and you can also be sold lies. Don’t have the wool pulled over your eyes.

Data Dreamer

You're a keen bean! You recognise the importance of working with data, and the benefits it can have on your role… don’t be afraid to make the business case for your upskilling.

Data Knight

You're feeling the increase in data volume on your shoulders. You are skilled at battling with it, but your armour is not bullet proof. Push your managers to give you time for dedicated data exploration.

Data Aristocrat

No data stone goes unturned when you’re around – and this high aptitude for understanding will set you in great stead for the future. Why not step up to empower those around you?

views from Qlik

Data literacy research

According to a major new study by Qlik, a leader in data analytics, just 17% of workers are data literate. Qlik has launched a new campaign for Data Equality, calling for every individual and organisation to have the same opportunity to use, access and succeed with data.

The rise of data literacy

Currently, the world is sitting in a digital and data revolution, one that just a few years ago wouldn’t have even crossed our minds.

A culture of data literacy

What does the phrase "data literacy culture" mean? How can an organization implement and put in place the proper culture to ensure it starts to grow within data literacy and progresses with the data revolution?